"Whisper of the Land"

Visions of Japan


About the "Whisper of the Land".........From the Back Cover

The Sun comes up
All share a peaceful moment, a timeless experience.
On that night I believe Ed-san began to really hear….
The “Whisper of the Land of Japan.”
His eyes have seen, his ears have heard, his heart has opened. Edward has created a unique original picture of Japan. – Kitaro (From the Introduction)

Best known as a photographer, Edward Levinson has composed a series of essays, reflections on his life in Japan, where he has been resident for thirty-five years. These autobiographical writings offer the reader insights into day-to-day life in Tokyo and in the Japanese countryside. For Ed the camera is a bridge between heaven and earth. He explores light in two ways: literally in his photography and figuratively in prose and poetry. (From Editor’s Preface)

People often ask me why I came to Japan and what its like to make a home in a different culture; it has always been difficult to tell the “long story.” My life here parallels my personal journey of growth. The key to learning has always been listening, seeing, and feeling with my heart. Certain things in life are universal, others are dependent on place and time. This book encompasses both worlds. Edward Levinson

Author Profile:

Edward Levinson is an American fine art and editorial photographer. He has lived in Japan since 1979 and has published two books of essays in Japanese: “My Way of Planting – Cultivating a Life in Japan” (2011) and “Edo’s Lessons in Pinhole Photography – Photography for Slow Life” (2007) both by Iwanami Shoten. His photo book “Timescapes Japan” (Nippon Camera-sha, 2006) received a category First Prize Award in the “Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2007”.

Edward’s photographs and writings appear in many Japanese books and magazines as well as in English publications; his works are regularly exhibited in Japan, the U.S.A., and Europe. He has a small gallery at his country home/ studio in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture where he also creates and maintains his garden, a source of inspiration for his writing.

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